About Us

Kinship is a progressive product supplier that’s committed to empowering hospitality and care providers by delivering an increasingly comprehensive range of high-quality products at lower prices under the guidance of enlightened service.

Kinship's team possesses decades worth of professional hospitality experience spanning the hotel, healthcare, restaurant & nightlife and sports & entertainment verticals.   And with the guidance of several close friends who are also veteran hospitality operators, we set out to address a consolidated product supplier landscape that’s allowed overpriced products, commoditized service and general complacency to normalize. 

We understand that to realize lasting success, hospitality and care providers must tirelessly address ever-evolving business conditions and guest expectations.  Which is why industry partners must deliver ever-evolving solutions. 

Solutions that are realized by applying innovation, efficiency, and intelligence under the guidance of enlightened customer service.  Solutions that save money and time, elevate experiences, inform decisions and sustain your passion to serve.

And creating this enriching alignment between operators and their hospitality products supplier is why we exist. 

Because we believe in enriching allegiance. 

We believe in KINSHIP.