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About Us

At KINSHIP Hospitality, we offer top-quality, competitively priced products for the hospitality industry, care providers, and more. Along with our wide-ranging inventory, we’re committed to bringing the best service possible to our customers with our curated approach to each client. Whether you’re outfitting a chain of hotels or a small rental unit, we can help elevate the space to suit the needs of your guests.


Launched in 2016, Kinship Hospitality has always looked to do things differently. We’re a direct alternative to our industry’s impersonal, commoditized “standard operating procedure.” We aim to be alert, accessible, and responsive, ready to advise, curate, and problem-solve as necessary. Our mission is to set the highest bar possible and to meet it every time.


As our industry grows and evolves, Kinship strives to ensure that your business is optimally equipped to do the same. For us, it’s not just about selling to you. It’s about working with you.