Dusaw Top Open Draw Safe
Dusaw Top Open Draw Safe

Dusaw Top Open Draw Safe

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DUSAW safes have a reputation for for quality, ease of use, and reliability, and can currently be found in many of the nation’s leading hospitality chains, hotel management companies and hotel ownership groups.

The DUSAW S T17 hotel room safe comes fully-loaded with security features designed to deter theft. From its seamless body design to its motorized locking mechanism to its two anti-drill rotating bolts, the DUSAW S T17 hotel room safe is beneficial to everyone in your organization because it keeps valuables out of plain sight.

The room safe gives guests peace of mind and reliably protects what matters most to them. However, the safe was also designed to help hotel managers save valuable staff time and money in the instances when guests have forgotten their safe codes or when safe electronics malfunction.


  • Opens with PIN code or included keys
  • 2 sets of codes: Guest & Master code
  • Fully motorized double locking bolts
  • Single-time molded case
  • Opening & closing with 3-6 digit personal
  • Power status display
  • Emergency manual key override
  • Review the last 100 times a safe was opened
  • Insertion protected door
  • Accommodates 17” Laptop